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Expanded potential leads to inspired and effective leaders and change-makers. AYS programming cultivates this awareness, supporting local and global causes that are important to us and our community.

AYS was started to incorporate yoga and body awareness into The Aspen Institute – an extraordinary organization based on the vision of Walter and Elizabeth Paepcke’s “Aspen Idea” – cultivating the Mind, Body and Spirit. We currently incorporate body awareness into existing Aspen Institute programming, like the Aspen Idea’s Fest, as well as throughout the Roaring Fork Valley. Our mission is to Unite Community Through Yoga, using yoga as a tool for transformation.

All are welcome – any skill level, any discipline – with the common interest of supporting community and the planet.

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Gina murdock, founder

My intention in my life and as a teacher is to do the work that I need to do to clear this vessel, this channel, so I can more fully surrender to the divine intelligence of the Universe that moves through all of us. This is truly humbling and the reason that I teach and live. Life is about learning and evolving; I use yoga as a tool for transformation as a teacher and a student in every moment. It is with a true sense of reverence that I pass on teachings that have helped to liberate me both physically and emotionally. It is a calling, deep in my heart, to serve in this capacity.

nicole lindstrom, outreach

Through my belief in the interconnection of all things, yoga is my antidote to all of life's ailments. By linking breath with movement, I focus on conscious alignment, creating equilibrium in the body, stillness in the mind, and awareness of spirit. The cultivation of all three allows us to embrace the dark and invite the light, so that we may lead our lives in truth and balance. 


jess ewart, design

I am an eternal scholar of philosophy and I know that my life's mission is to share what I've learned with all who seek a way out of suffering and toward radical freedom. It is an immeasurable joy to decode the revolutionary, ancient teachings of yoga sages and transmit them in a way that is accessible and relevant to modern living. With reverence, humor, and hope, I aspire to aid in creating a world where my daughter, her peers, and future generations can know peace, equanimity, and contentment.


We gather to celebrate our community and to give back.


These yogis embody the Aspen Idea.


The Aspen Yoga Society collaborates and partners with yoga studios, conscious organizations and others to serve our local valley.