"Authenticity : Is what I try to bring into my class. Being able to move and breathe and to inspire each student to walk out of the Shala with their inner-self shining a little brighter - that is my hope.  Of course, the physical practice needs to be safe and fun while at the same time I offer an open hearted and solid base to my sequencing! I hope to Allow each individual to find the right pace/breath and asana to fit their body for that moment - pushing the boundaries of ones own expectations to allow all possibilities to open."

Harriet has been a committed yoga practitioner since the age of 17.
She has had the privilege of being exposed to some of the most inspiring teachers from all over the world.
Including Annie Carpenter/ Maty Ezraty /Marc Holzman / Vinnie Marino / Seane Corn /Shiva Rae / Simon Park / Aaron King / Charlie Bensusen/ Chad Hamrin/ Elena Bower amongst many others. Finding an emotional / physical and spiritual outlet has been an immensely important part of her world and sharing that understanding with others is a hugely gratifying and life affirming vocation.