Heather's Vision:  Heather's core purpose is to ignite others to see their own genius and to be in community with themselves, each other and this world. She invites you to connect in intimacy and compassion to yourself, to be in the present moment, ever more ready to rest, work and celebrate.
Having been raised off grid when not traveling around the world flying kites in wind and water spectacles educating the public in environmentalism, sustainability and climate change and having taught Argentine tango for 20 yrs, Heather's teaching improves not only balance and agility, but interpersonal connection, improving health, vitality and relationships with co-workers, family and friends. She brings her love of all on this planet and her gifts of interpersonal connection to her yoga classes. She is a mother and a dance and yoga teacher, certified in her primary 200 hours by Shakti Shala in 2015.