Jayne Gottlieb is a potent, fun, free-spirited and powerful creatrice.  She is a yoga/meditation teacher, business owner and entrepreneur, dancer, yogini, and consciousness mentor who encourages personal growth, elevates physical and emotional health and inspires positivity for a lifestyle. 

Joyful, deep, inspiring and excitedly intense, Jayne draws on her always evolving knowledge of the body, her own study of spiritual psychology, yoga, ancient wisdom and ritual, and her 20 plus years of dance and movement to challenge and encourage transformation in students and clients from the inside out. 

Jayne is known for her vigorous, devotional and transformative classes as well as her ability to bring lightness and happiness into class on and off the mat. Her aim is to invite students to realize that personal growth is not only powerful and self elevating, but also has the potential to be fun and joyfully integrated into everyday living.

A Bhaktini, Jayne embraces yoga and spiritual devotion as a lifestyle both on and off the mat. She was recently named a woman of influence of Aspen CO by Aspen Peak Magazine, as well as a Lululemon store ambassador for the past 3 years. Through her children's theatre company, the Aspen Shakti Shala, yoga, and fulfilling relationships, she radiates the power of soulfulness and spiritual awakening both for others and herself.

Jayne strongly believes that in order to be an inspiring teacher of any kind, it is of utmost importance to be a very active student and realizes too that more than anything, the ultimate teacher is life itself! Jayne is Co- Founder of the Aspen Yoga School and recently opened the Shakti Shala yoga studio in the core of Aspen, CO. aspenshakti.com & gottjayne.com.