"Through kindness, dedication to growth and drive to connect with others, I share my deep appreciation of nature with those I meet and teach and so inspire others to receive and integrate the gifts of each day onto everyday living.   I hold a space and presence for others to live and love to their full potential, ground into their true self, and connect with all living beings."
Sea Marie is a certified yoga instructor, Ayurveda consultant and retreat guide. She is passionate and dedicated to teaching mind body tools, such as yoga, to fulfill her dharma of being an active leader of seva. She helps engage people to transform their purpose and passion into action through leadership workshops, teaching yoga, and leading adventure service retreats. Sea is based in Aspen Colorado where she works as the Outreach Coordinator for the Shakti Shala yoga studio, collaborating and supporting each other in community to create positive change in the world. She has been teaching since 1999 in many various settings and countries and at Cornell University. She is blessed to have studied Iyenar, Kripalu, and Dharma Mittra Yoga. When Sea Marie is not teaching yoga she facilitates Yoga in Action workshops, guides adventure tourism excursions, and is in the process of creating a global organization based on mind body tools, service and adventure.

She leads a genuine, energetic, and inspirational yoga practice. To Sea Marie,  yoga is about trusting the connection to our most loving true self, and knowing that we are our greatest teacher.